Benefits of Car Insurance

  • It Will Help to Save your Life Someday

    if we talk about insurance as a whole, we will know that insurance will save someone’s life someday, and will generally be given a compensation for the family of the person who has been in an accident.

  • You have Flexibility to Choose

    one of the best benefits that you can get out of having insurance, is the fact that you can choose what you want out of it. You have the privilege of adding your own plans and choosing which will be right for you.

  • Canada Post

    In 2001 Canada Post approached us to say that they wanted to convert to a system based on a combination of weight and volume for parcel charges and,

    Since they had no way of measuring volume, they wanted us to use a series of standard boxes of known volume. We pointed out that this would be inefficient for us since we had a number of products that had a large footprint but were not very high and we routinely cut down a larger box to accommodate the product. However, since it was not a large volume of boxes that would be reduced in size and since Canada Post was pressing for this new regime, we agreed to it. We converted our packaging to standard boxes, bar-coded to indicate volume.

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